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Cruise on the Yser between Nieuwpoort and Diksmuide

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embarkation 15 minutes before departure

Free parking in Nieuwpoort

Summer vacation departure Nieuwpoort 1:30 pm, departure Diksmuide 5:00 pm

Discount tickets Museum a / d IJzer available on board

Newly available on board WWI Guide

Tram stop Nieuwpoort-Stad

10 min. Walking distance from the boarding point, behind the docks

Get to know the peaceful Yser and pictoresk Westhoek area

The area that stretches between Nieuwpoort and Diksmuide has developed into a tourist crossing in which the beauty of nature is on a par with that of its historical sites.

From Nieuwpoort to Diksmuide you will be reminded of a time when bullets and shells were sowing death and sorrow (1914-1918) where all is now peace and tranquillity. The highlights of this trip are the war memorials in honour of the soldiers who died during World War I, the Yser Tower and the Death Trenches.

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Boarding place


Brugse Steenweg 3 8620 Nieuwpoort (achter de sluizen)


Kasteelstraat Diksmuide


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  • At the spot - return ticket

    € 24,50
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    € 23,00


  • At the spot - return ticket

    € 19,50
  • Online - return ticket

    € 18,00

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